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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Developer update: incremental progress at railyard; Atlantic Avenue median to be restored

This is the ninth of ten articles on the 5/7/19 Quality of Life meeting. The first concerned the project schedule. The second concerned The Brodsky Organization's share of the B4 tower. The third concerned noisy weekend construction. The fourth concerned opacity in the Barclays Center calendars. The fifth concerned illegal parking during arena events. The sixth concerned traffic issues. The seventh concerned oversight. The eighth concerned the Community Liaison Office. The tenth concerned the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation.
There wasn't much dramatic in the Developer Presentation (also at bottom) at the latest meeting, but it certainly indicated incremental progress.

For example, said Greenland USA Executive VP Scott Solish, demolition at Block 1120 (the second "bump building" extending from Atlantic Avenue into the Vanderbilt Yard) is steadily continuing, with the hope that work will be done next month.

As to the drill track enclosure--the track is used to direct trains from Atlantic Terminal into the storage yard--in a corner of the B4 site, it's now finished.

Railyard work

Trains historically stored and serviced in the Vanderbilt Yard used the East Portal, going east from Vanderbilt Avenue, then swinging back west to Atlantic Terminal. A new West Portal has been constructed from the west end of the railyard, a far smoother path.

Most of the revamped East Portal, Solish said, should be done by the end of May, and "then we can start to pull back the MPT," or the barriers that constitute Maintenance and Protection of Traffic, at the Vanderbilt and Atlantic intersection, which some cyclists have pointed out can be quite dangerous.

The final two tracks at the railyard, Tracks 6 and 7, have been installed, Solish said. The Long Island Rail Road is expected to have them operational this month.

Street issues

He said the median on Atlantic Avenue should be restored this summer, after the East Portal is finished.

B4 construction site, May 9
The slides also show the MPT around B15, at Sixth Avenue between Pacific and Dean Streets, and B4, at the southeast corner of Sixth Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. Both were the subject of considerable concern about traffic backups and pedestrian hazards.

Community questions

Resident Peter Krashes, while nudging the developer to "flyer in a larger area," alerting neighbors to the availability of air conditions available for noise mitigation, thanked Solish for facilitating a tree bed guard on Dean Street.

He also said that, regarding the 497 Dean building next to the B15 site, "while the noise mitigation delay was unfortunate, [site developer] Brodsky, or the contractor did work to put plexiglas in the outside windows" of that building.

"That's a tough situation for the people, they have lot line windows," Solish said.

"Thank you for being responsive," Krashes said.

"We understand the impacts," Solish said, noting that construction impacts not only neighborhood residents but also "our tenants," given that there are four buildings open in the project.

"I live it just the same way everybody else does," he said of his neighborhood in Greenpoint, also subject to construction. "We're aiming to be in full compliance with project requirements."

One elected official rep noted concerns about "tremendous overnight work" in the railyard.

The Long Island Rail Road, Solish noted, "has done overnight work in the yard," but right now, there's no such planned work.

"Are you reaching out to new residents of the four buildings?" asked resident Steve Ettlinger.

"Everyone gets reached out to," said Tobi Jaiyesimi of Empire State Development.

"What do you do?" she was asked.

"We follow up with the developer," she responded. "We'll do additional outreach."

The buildings have tenants associations and a condo association, it was noted.