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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

A "yard-naming craze" in Atlanta, home to the "Atlantic Yards" office complex

From Curbed Atlanta, 5/15/19, Atlanta’s latest ‘Yards’-titled project is expected to rise from the Gulch:
Quarry Yards, Pittsburgh Yards, Atlantic Yards, Pullman Yard, Madison Yards, Amour Yards, Artisan Yards, Assembly Yards, Stockyards, The Railyard, Hulsey Yard, Tilford Yard, Switchyards, Saltyard, Kirkyard, Iron Yard (RIP), English Avenue Yards, Scotland Yard, Yard House, unkempt yards of Atlanta ... meet the new yard in town.
While certainly not unique to Atlanta, the city’s yard-naming craze has extended down to the Gulch and the most substantial nongovernmental development in the region, which is henceforth to be called “Centennial Yards.”

In New York, we do have Hudson Yards, but, as readers of this blog know, the name of "Brooklyn Atlantic Yards"--an official name, from which "Brooklyn" was soon dropped--was changed to "Pacific Park Brooklyn"--known most frequently as "Pacific Park"--in 2014, after Greenland USA took majority control. My article.

And, as the "Atlantic Yards" office complex in Atlanta builds out, that identity--part of the larger Atlantic Station complex--will become the main one for Google and other search engines. For a lot of Brooklynites of a certain vintage, however, the project linked to the Barclays Center will always be Atlantic Yards.