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The down escalator at Barclays Center: out of service until Dec. 14

Well, the elevator from the Barclays Center plaza to the subway has been chronically out of whack, and the escalator isn't so great, too. Both are the responsibility of the arena operator, BSE Global.

Two days ago, a resident alerted me that the down escalator at the plaza had been down for two weeks, with barriers but no signage.

I got a response yesterday from arena spokeswoman Mandy Gutmann:
As you said, the down escalator has been having issues for about two weeks. The initial problem was a faulty battery back-up system.
That took a little over a week to source and replace due to the holiday. Following the replacement of that, a drive unit part failed. It is currently on order and expected to arrive within the coming week, at which point it will immediately be installed. Pending no further surprise issues, the escalator should be up and running at that point. There should be signage, but we will ensure it’s more visible.
I took the photos yesterday, so a day after my initial query. By then, there was a sign indicating that the escalator was out of service until 12/14/18. I hadn't checked previously, but the resident said it wasn't visible before then.