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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

NY Mag's Davidson on AY/PP: by 2035, "they may have renamed it after yet another ocean"

From New York Magazine's Justin Davidson, If You Think Hudson Yards Is a Big Development, Wait Till You See What’s Coming to Sunnyside
This all sounds like the plan is heading towards an appealingly complex, grainy neighborhood — in fact, it sounds suspiciously like an architect’s pleasant fantasy. It’s hard not to worry. When stakes are high and intentions are pure, the system tends to respond with a mixture of venality, hype, and habit. (Brooklyn offers another case study in what to avoid: the perpetually troubled 22-acre development that started out 15 years ago as Atlantic Yards and, with only four of 15 towers now done, has since been rebaptized Pacific Park. The latest, more or less meaningless deadline for completing the rest is 2035, by which time they may have renamed it after yet another ocean.)
I'm not sure if that 2035 deadline is completely meaningless--surely by that time Greenland USA will have figured out whether it wants to finish the project or unload it. But I do think that the state's remedies of delay--taking away the project--would be tempered by the need to do a deal with the then-current developer.

As for "renaming it after yet another ocean," that's a burn. Then again, there are only two streets nearby named after oceans, Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street. The other east-west boundary is Dean Street. How about "Dean Domain"?