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ANHD posts 2017 Area Median Income Cheat Sheet; reminder that so much AY "affordable housing" is skewed

The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development (ANHD) has produced an updated 2017 version of its Area Median Income (AMI) Cheat Sheet, below, which explains, for each AMI (for a four-person household):
  • A monthly rent for that apartment
  • A household income amount
  • The % of New Yorkers at each AMI level
The context, for watchers of Atlantic Yard/Pacific Park, is that 50% of the units in two "100% affordable" towers, 535 Carlton and 38 Sixth, is directed to upper middle-income households. Notably, the largest chunk of two-bedroom units at 535 Carlton would rent for $3,223 and at 38 Sixth would rent for $3,206.

Both of those are the top half of the middle-income cohort, representing a mere 5% of city population and very close to what the cheat sheet labels "high income." No wonder such a small fraction of those entering the lottery for affordable units at 535 Carlton sought the middle-income ones. (Here's my coverage of the 2015 Cheat Sheet.)