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Panic at arena as loud noise--reported as gunshots--"sparks wild stampede" after Future concert

Last night, reports of gunshots at the Barclays Center at the end of a show by the rapper Future sparked a real and social media panic, as fans stampeded out, some reportedly bloody. There were no gunshots, the arena and the police said, but there was widespread alarm and dismay among attendees.

The Daily News reported, in Loud noise sparks wild stampede at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, "NYPD and FDNY officials said there were no reports of gunfire and no injuries reported." The actual cause of the noise wasn't reported.

Some attendees didn't believe all the official story. Later, Vibe reported a slightly more comprehensive explanation:
NYPD Lieutenant Tarik Sheppard shared a statement via email with VIBE on Friday night’s incident:
“The concert ended around 11 p.m. As people were exiting the Barclays Center, there was music playing over the PA system. The song that was playing had the sound of gunshots at the end. In addition, the stage was lowered and it came down faster than normal causing a loud metal on metal crashing sound. These sounds coupled together startled some people and they began to exit quicker than normal. There was no stampede and no injuries due to anyone getting trampled. There were a couple of reported minor injuries where people sprained or twisted their ankles while they were trying to quickly exit.”