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Wait, did the Islanders draw only 10,200 *paid* attendees in first season (rather than 11,200 total)?

I wrote last August--that the New York Islanders, rather than drawing the announced attendance of 13,900 fans, actually averaged just 11,200 in their first season in Brooklyn. See screenshot below right.
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But was that correct?

The source was a market study included in the Official Statement aimed at buyers of the refinanced Barclays Center bonds

I just noticed another passage in that market study, produced by Conventions, Sports & Leisure (CSL), which states that first-year attendance was "approximately 10,200 paid attendees on average." See screenshot at bottom.

So, was one of those numbers a typo? Or, perhaps, an admission that they comped 1,000 people a game? After all, 10,200 paid attendees is different from 11,200 attendees. If it was not a typo, then maybe the team was doing even worse than we think.

(I reached out to the arena and CSL, but didn't hear back. Maybe by publishing this some clarification may emerge.)