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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Daily News: "technology to cover the rails" means towers "now rising... at Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards" (Nope)

A sunny editorial from the Daily News today, Sunnyside rising on Mayor de Blasio's dream, hails the potential of building on the Sunnyside Yards in Queens. It states, in part:
Is the mayor’s vision possible? The answer is a resounding sort of.
The technology to cover the rails was barely in doubt — as witnessed by the spectacular towers now rising at Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s far West Side and at Brooklyn’s Atlantic Yards.
Fake news!

Actually, the "spectacular towers" for Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park that are rising are all on terra firma--the sites of former streets and buildings--which is much easier to build on. The technology--the platform or deck--is still under construction.

The towers over the working railyard, between Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue, were scheduled to be among the last to be built. Now they're delayed further.

Oh, and it's the Vanderbilt Yard, not "Atlantic Yards," which was the brand name for a development. Which now has a new name.

Original tentative timetable August 2014. Annotated October 2016. Further delays acknowledged November 2016.