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City Limits delves into new City Planning Chief Lago (but not on Atlantic Yards)

There's a long and interesting article in City Limits on new City Planning Commission Chair Marisa Lago, which provides a small insight into her departure from the Empire State Development Corporation after a brief tenure:
There were press reports of turmoil between Lago and other Paterson administration development officials, but Lago says she left ESDC in late 2009 only because the gig in the Obama administration opened up.
Perhaps because the article covers so much else of Lago's career, especially as compliance officer at Citigroup, there's no mention of two important moments in her stint at the ESDC, as I wrote last month.

First, she made an impolitic but candid April 2009 statement, acknowledging that the project would take "decades." She was right.

Facing legislators at a May 2009 Senate oversight hearing, however, Lago soon played the good soldier: justifying changes in the project but claiming the public benefits remained the same. That turned out to be extremely doubtful.