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From TreeHugger: The World's Tallest Modular Building and the Phantom 20 Percent Savings

From my article in the environmental publication TreeHugger, The World's Tallest Modular Building and the Phantom 20 Percent Savings, "Astoundingly, some recent press accounts claim that the use of modular techniques purportedly allowed Forest City to save 20 percent on the 32-story, 363-unit tower, which contains half market-rate units and half "affordable" ones.Innovation welcomed

A commenter on the article:
L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace. I am very grateful for builders who take risk to pioneer new and better ways to do things.
If they did not realize any savings, it is more likely that the successors will learn from their mistakes and eventually achieve savings (and enhancement in quality that comes from factory construction).
Well, OK, innovations can in fact face bumps in the road, and succeeding projects can build on them. But not only was the hype here huge, it continues in the face of reality.

And some say that's not the point

And neighbor Charles Recknagel wrote:
Unfortunately the buildings couldn't be more of an eyesore for this neighborhood.
The glossy red and grey panels will eventually turn a mat hazy finish. I'm all for ingenuity, but the lies and greed are what will be remembered on this project.