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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Two lies in one sentence on 38 Sixth web site: "situated.... in a flourishing park setting"

OK, let's take a look at the top of the web site (screenshot below) for 38 Sixth Avenue, aka B3, at the southeast corner of the Barclays Center, with the entrance on Sixth Avenue just north of Dean Street:
Conveniently situated amidst Brooklyn’s vibrant restaurants, shopping, and transportation in a flourishing park setting, 38 Sixth sets a new standard. The thoughtfully designed floor plans range from studio apartments to spacious three-bedroom homes, rising 23 stories above the Arena. Each layout is spacious and flowing, affording ample sunlight and city views.
(Emphasis added)

What "flourishing park setting"?

First, it's on the arena block. There isn't any "green space" programmed for that block park. See screenshot. So it can't be "situated" in anything remotely like a "flourishing park setting."

October 2016 annotated timetable. 38 Sixth (B3) is at bottom right corner of the arena block. B15 has no public open space.
Where is it, and when's it coming?

Second, the full 8 acres of "open space" is at least decade away, with the previously assumed 2025 deadline in doubt since the November 2016 announcement of unspecified project delays.

The closest open space, a rather tiny patch around the B5 building, is expected near the end of that decade (and maybe longer). (Despite the green around the B15 tower, aka 664 Pacific, as shown below, there's no public open space.)

The most useful open space, just east of Carlton Avenue, will surely be dominated by the hundreds of households already living nearby. And no, it's not a "public park" but rather publicly accessible, privately managed open space.
Open space design starts east of Sixth Avenue. Note that B15 has no open space design.