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Barclays Center event calendars from December 2016 through March 2017

In October 2016, after not seeing the monthly calendars from the Barclays Center that estimate the expected crowd for ticketed (and non-ticketed) events since May 2016, I posted screenshots of ticketed arena events June through November.

That omitted the non-ticketed events, which sometimes can be disruptive and surely should be announced publicly as well, with attendance estimates. We've been told such calendars will be issued, but until then here's a stopgap, with screenshots from the web site covering December through March of ticketed events. Non-ticketed events are absent, and more ticketed events should be added,

Note that the last two days of December were blank, not by design, but because Kanye West canceled. Note that the Brooklyn Food and Wine Festival scheduled for Feb. 17-18 was postponed until an unspecified later date. And note that the chunk of events in late February and early March for the Ringling Bros. Circus will have to be filled in future years by other family-friendly events, given the closing of the circus.

By my count, the event totals compared to the previous year, which was the first New York Islanders season, are:
December, 20 (previous year: 18)
January, 21 (previous year: 21)
February, 25 (previous year: 25 )
March, 26 (previous year: 33)
Note that the previous year totals include non-ticketed events, so the comparison is imprecise.

20 events in 19 days

21 events in 21 days

25 events in 19 days

26 events in 26 days