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From "Think About Your Soul": "Prokhorov gets Norilsk Nickel... and the people once again get nothing"

From "Think About Your Soul," a poem from Russian poet Roman Osminkin (translated by Keith Gessen), in a recent issue of N+1 magazine. It's about oligarchs, one of whom may be revered more in Brooklyn than at home:
The Rotenberg brothers get the pipelines
Deripaska gets aluminum
Mordashov steel
Magomedov grain
Kovalchuk gets the TV networks and newspapers
Yakunin trains and railroads
Anisimov the liquor industry
Miller gets Gazprom
And the people
once again
get nothing 
Think about your soul
think about your soul!
Shut your mouth.
Think about your soul
think about your soul!
Shut your mouth up tight. 
Yevtushenkov and Soldatenkov get the cellphone networks
Timchenko gets oil
Kerimov gets potassium
and Kovalchuk energy
The Rotenbergs again? Take chemical fertilizers!
Isaikin gets aircraft missiles and tanks
Timchenko terminals and ferries
Another Rotenberg gets the Khimki forest highway
Gref gets Sberbank
and Kostin, VTB
Prokhorov gets Norilsk Nickel
Prokhorov gets gold
And the people
once again
get nothing
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