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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Developer says 1,800 units under construction (no), depicts interim, final open space (but not timetable)

I covered the 11/14/16 meeting of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC) with a round-up, a separate article on the obfuscation regarding the project's timetable, and a video showing how public comment was limited.

But the AY CDC's President Report, which includes slides prepared by developer Greenland Forest City Partners, was not yet posted. I've now posted it at the bottom, and excerpted several slides, with commentary.

Note that, despite claiming that 1,800 units are under construction, 664 Pacific and 615 Dean are stalled, with no timetable for completion.

Also note that the depictions of Final Open Space are rather fanciful, since they depend on a full build-out of the project, and we now don't know if that will be 2025, as previously though, 2035, as Forest City Realty Trust now sees as a time for financial analysis (perhaps after the project is built and stabilized), or sometime in between.

The slide is contradicted by the project delays.

The interim Maintenance and Protection of Traffic shows where the 16-foot fence will be withdrawn, and where trees will be planted around two new buildings.

Below, the interim open space at 550 Vanderbilt, aka B11, includes paving and plantings, the latter of which will be installed in the spring.

Note that the very limited interim open space likely will mainly be used by building residents, and the broader amount of open space depends on construction of the buildings to the north, over the railyard, since the demapped Pacific Street, now used for construction staging, will supply the largest share of open space that appears more "public."

The situation facing 535 Carlton, aka B14, is similar.

Note there's no timetable for the final open space.

Again, there's no timetable for the final open space.

The full presentation