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Utility work on Pacific between Sixth/Carlton now may close street to vehicles temporarily

Yesterday came an update to a previous notice about a public infrastructure upgrade on Pacific Street between Sixth and Carlton Avenues. It didn't specify what exactly is new, but a comparison between it (below) and the previous notice (further below) shows this text is new:
Expanded construction and underground field conditions may require temporary or intermittent closures to vehicles on Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton Avenues.
In other words, previously, they weren't going to close Pacific to vehicles, and now they might.

It does not, by the way, mention, work on backfilling the Long Island Rail Road retaining wall between Sixth and Carlton, though that was mentioned in the earlier notice and in the two-week Construction Update issued 8/15/16. We'll see next week if it's ongoing.

The previous notice

From the Construction Update:
Backfilling of Pacific Street Retaining Wall is expected to begin during this reporting period. This work will be performed from the sidewalk/parking lane on the north side of Pacific Street nearCarlton Avenue. Parking will be closed off in this area during the work. The work will be coordinated with the utility work being performed on Pacific Street in order to minimize parkingimpacts. The sidewalk on the south side of the street will remain open to pedestrians