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Barclays Center raises wages for food-service and other jobs, staying ahead of fast-food wage increase

Maybe the economy is improving, or maybe they're trying to keep a step ahead of the annual increase in fast-food wages.

The Barclays Center, in its latest effort to replenish its pool of workers--though not necessarily to increase overall hours--has raised compensation, in a few cases significantly. It's still not living wage, though.

While in July 2015 I reported that wages started at $10.50 per hour for food service jobs, $12 for ushers, and $15 for cooks or dishwashers, now they start at $13.25 per hour for food service jobs, $13.30 for users and security officers, and still $15 for cooks or dishwashers.

The minimum fast-food wage in New York City was set at $10.50 for 2016 and will go to $12 next year and $13.50 in 2018.

See the website BrooklynBarclaysCenterJobs and the screenshots below.