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Islanders looking into buses to bring fans from Long Island

So, the Islanders are looking into charter buses to bring fans from Long Island to the Barclays Center, some some don't like the Long Island Rail Road, or don't find it accessible or reliable. Except the arena is not exactly set up for large-scale bus use.

Where do they go?

According to the Bus Transportation page on the Barclays Center web site:
Proud Charter Bus Sponsor of Barclays Center
Offering 10% off for all groups traveling to Brooklyn Nets games and Barclays Center events
Visit Best Trails & Travel, call 212-206-6974 or email
To better accommodate your bus pick up and drop off for an event, we strongly recommend registering your bus information in advance.
Please note, due to limited space, all shuttle/bus drivers must be with their vehicles once staged.
And where do vehicles--not just buses--drop off?

As shown in the graphic at right, they're supposed to drop off on the limited area of Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue outside the arena, and pick up just on Flatbush, but, in the past, they've used Sixth Avenue, which is now taken for construction staging.

After the B3 tower (aka 38 Sixth Avenue) opens, more space will open up, but I can't imagine those residents want the sidewalk outside their front door used by arenagoers.

Stay tuned.

As noted below, there's a serious tailgate culture on the LIRR trains to hockey games, so some families might want to avoid that. But there's also traffic on the highways, too.