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Glaring: SUV driver takes Pacific Street sidewalk shortcut during Islanders game, nearly hits kid

This is pretty glaring. on Friday, 5/6/16, at 6:35 pm, a driver apparently stymied after an attempt to get into the Newswalk parking garage decided to take a short-cut by driving his SUV on the sidewalk. Which almost hit a mother and her kid.

It was a busy time for traffic, given the Islanders' playoff game starting at 7 pm. And likely there was more competition for parking than ever, given the sellout.

Surely the fact that Pacific Street is now a cramped two-way street, rather than one-way (as it was before Atlantic Yards construction), is a contributing factor. As noted in the comments by Wayne Bailey, something must change before someone gets hurt.

DRIVING ON SIDEWALK!! someone is going to be killed or hurt IF THE TRAFFIC PATTEREN is not changed on Pacific, Carlton & 6th THERE IS TOO MUCH TRAFFIC! The 78th CAN’T monitor 24/7 it is not an enforcement issue! 00:22 2016-05-06 Islanders game night traffic on Pacific irate driver uses Pacific St sidewalk almost hits resident & child! Received from resident: I was just taking Sani out on Pacific St. saw a grey SUV actually drive along our sidewalk and almost hit another resident and her child. This is totally out of control! The exact time was 6:35:08. I think the plate may be BRX- 3498…..but not 100% sure. #pacificparkbk @barclayscenter @atlanticyards_pacificpk_report @pacificparkbk #barclayscenter @nypd78thpcc #communityboard8 #biza #aycdc @nycmayorsoffice @nyc_dot @nypdhighway
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