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Another crash at Vanderbilt and Dean; residents blame the construction fence

Update: When I asked about this at the 78th Precinct Community Council meeting, the commander, Deputy Inspector Frank DiGiacomo, said he didn't know about it. (He also said my questions--there's an open Q&A for residents--should from now on go through the NYPD's central public information department.)

See below for the aftermath of another crash at Vanderbilt Avenue and Dean Street.

When I wrote about this phenomenon in February, police said that each of the crashes was caused by an identifiable factor, such as driver error.

Residents think otherwise, that the 16-foot green wall that extends into Vanderbilt Avenue to protect residents from construction noise has not only caused significant traffic jams but also continues to pose hazards.

As one resident pointed out in February, "the wall forces [southbound] cars into the turn lane in the center of the road, and then drivers must swerve back into the normal lane after passing through the intersection. if a driver is not paying attention, driving without a car in front, going too fast, or has driven through before the wall and has muscle memory of just driving straight through, they will drive directly into the guard bell, as all these other cars have done. The sooner the wall can be removed the better."

Perhaps this will be discussed at tonight's meeting of the 78th Precinct Community Council (7:30 pm at the 78th Precinct, at Bergen Street & Sixth Avenue).