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Nets say arena doors will open 60 minutes before games, not 90 minutes (cost-cutting move?)

In a rather cryptic announcement, the Brooklyn Nets, claiming they were "committed to providing our fans with the best possible experience at Barclays Center," yesterday said they'd start opening doors to the Barclays Center starting Monday 60 minutes prior to tip-off rather than 90 minutes.

No explanation was announced, but NetsDaily quoted a spokesman for the team and arena as saying, "There were a very minimal amount of people coming early except for the big games, when we will continue to open doors 90 minutes before tip-off."

That suggests some variability, and bolsters suspicions that this is a response to lesser fan interest as well as an effort to save money at a time when arena finances are hurting. As NetsDaily noted, some fear it might foster delays in getting through security.

Policies around the NBA vary. The New York Knicks have a 60-minute door policy, perhaps reflecting the options people have to entertain themselves before the game, while the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers have a 90-minute door policy.