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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Alert: after-hours work continues (as does obscurity of explanations)

The latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update, for the two weeks beginning January 4, was released Monday (unlike ahead of time, as per the recent pattern, though there was a holiday) by Empire State Development after preparation by Greenland Forest City Partners.

It's hard to tell from the description how extensive or intrusive the new work will be, including the number and timing of trucks, but it is worth noting that weekend and weeknight work continues.

For example, "masonry trade delivery" will occur at the B11 site, 550 Vanderbilt, every other day. Is that a lot or a little?

Saturday work will continue at the B2 (461 Dean Street) modular site, B3 (38 Sixth Avenue), B14 (535 Carlton Avenue). Work up to 9 pm during weekdays will occur at B14, as well. Night and Weekend work will continue at the Vanderbilt Yard and Tunnel.

Below is what is described as new work.

B3 - 38 Sixth Avenue
• Con Ed vault excavation will occur during this reporting period.

B11 – 550 Vanderbilt Avenue
• Con Edison Vault installation activities. Setting vaults and covering crane.*

B-15 (6th Ave and Pacific Street)
• Pending approvals of the as-builts, the trench box will be removed and backfilled.

Block 1120 & 1128 Demolition
• The sidewalk shed & scaffolding at 666 Pacific Street will be completed during this reporting period
• Demolition may commence at 666 Pacific Street during this reporting period.

[Note that this was described as new work, regarding 664 Pacific--which I believe is the same site--in the last alert.]