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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Jersey barriers for Block 1129 construction narrow streets, snag traffic; were locals prepared for loss of parking?

Yesterday, workers put down jersey barriers in anticipation of a major construction effort--16-foot high fences to protect the construction site for two towers on the southeast block of the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park site, a block formerly used for surface parking.

(The block is bounded by Carlton Avenue, Dean Street, and Vanderbilt Avenue, with Pacific Street already turned into a private street, used for construction staging.)

We were told that the perimeter must be extended to allow for bracing of the unusually high fences--themselves needed to protect neighbors from noise--but it's hardly clear to me why, for example, such a huge piece of Carlton Avenue (first photo) was needed.

Indeed, the slide explaining the plan (above right) did not exactly explain how far the "Work Zone" would extend west of the sidewalk.
Looking north on Carlton Avenue at Dean Street
When I walked by last evening to shoot the first photos, a disgusted resident, not knowing who I was, commented spontaneously, "This is fascism."

Also note that narrowed Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt led to many traffic snags yesterday (see videos at bottom), given the limited margin for error in case a vehicle parks or stands at the southern curb.

Parking problems

I'm also hearing consternation regarding regarding the timing of the change. Last week, residents were warned “No Parking Thursday" in posted flyers.

However, the jersey barriers were not put up last Thursday. So people kept parking. A late afternoon notice Monday regarding the change in parking gave a very limited window of opportunity for people to move their cars, and several got ticketed. So I'd bet that controversy is not over.


Looking east on Dean Street at Carlton Avenue (via AYInfo NYC)
Looking west on Dean Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton Avenue (via AYInfo NYC)
Looking north on Sixth Avenue at Dean Street (via AYInfo NYC)
Looking west on Dean Street at Sixth Avenue (via AYInfo NYC)
Videos yesterday (via AYInfo NYC)

Below, looking at Sixth Avenue and Dean Street:

Below, Carlton Avenue between Pacific and Dean Streets, then looking at the contested intersection of Carlton and Dean:

Below, at Dean Street and Carlton Avenue:

Below, at Dean Street west of Carlton Avenue: