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To replace Nets' mascot, Brooklyn Paper offers suggestions, including Nimbie the Arena Protester

The Brooklyn Paper has a typically whimsical article about the demise of the much-derided, hard-to-spell, cartoonish Nets mascot, BrooklyKnight, The Knight shift! Help choose the new Nets mascot.

From this week's issue
Their suggestions include Mr. Net, an homage to Mr. Met.; Crummy the Pigeon ("the street-wise cousin of Cyclones mascot Sandy the Seagull"); Condo the Inexplicable Luxury Apartment Building ("Nothing says new Brooklyn like a contorted metal-and-glass box that appeared overnight out of nowhere"); Jerzy the Vintage-Uniform Hipster ("into the Nets before they were cool"); and Nimbie the Arena Protester. (Nimbie? Why not NIMBY?)

The latter:
If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Just kidding, Nimbie is still angry as ever about the construction of the Barclays Center in the midst of bucolic Prospect Heights. The arena is not going anywhere, so why not try to bottle that energy and direct it at visiting teams? Actually, judging from the protest sign, it seems that animosity will be directed at the Nets for the foreseeable future, but what better way to motivate our aging athletes than through the rage that can only come from constant nagging?
Constant nagging, of course, because of violations of construction rules like this, which go unreported in the Brooklyn Paper.