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In new Borough President's self-promotional newsletter, Forest City buys the back page

Given the self-promotional history of former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's quarterly Brooklyn!! publication, you wouldn't expect anything less from his successor, Eric Adams, and he certainly delivers, putting himself even more prominently in One Brooklyn.

“The cover of our first newsletter is not only eye-catching, it encapsulates the story of Borough President Adams and his approach to public service; Brooklynites will be pleased to read its contents and find the substance that matches his style,” Adams spokesman Stefan Ringel told the Observer.

Oh, sure.

Markowitz's publication was printed on slightly thicker-than-newsprint stock by the Community Newspaper Group and labeled a "Courier-Life Publication." Adams's publication is on newsprint stock, printed by the Queens Courier, which also publishes the Home Reporter, circulating in Bay Ridge and Sunset Park.

Markowitz's publication, would you believe it, was more populist, highlighting more ordinary Brooklynites such as waitstaff and long-married couples, though sure to cram the Borough President into as much as possible.

Ringel, who did not confirm a print schedule, told the Observer that the publication was mailed to 440,000 households. (I got two.)

And, in case you're wondering about the borough's heavyweight real estate development company, the back page features an ad from Forest City Ratner, highlighting the Barclays Center and the under-construction B2 tower. Will future ads come from Forest City and it's joint venture partner, the Greenland Group?