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In Daily News's "50 Most Powerful Women in New York" list, Forest City's Gilmartin ranks 28th (really?)

Lists are always debatable, and the Daily News's "50 Most Powerful Women in New York" certainly raises some eyebrows, because it mixes many fields, placing Beyonce at #1, Girls creator Lena Dunham #5, actress Claire Danes #13, while ranking civic heavyweights like Partnership for NYC President Kathryn Wylde at #16 and Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina at #17.

There's not even a place for ex-ACORN leader Bertha Lewis, now heading The Black Institute, though she's part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's inner circle. And, though Forest City CEO MaryAnne Gilmartin ranks #28, she's way more powerful than, say, failed political candidate Reshma Suajani, at #24, who heads the media-popular but still relatively small Girls Who Code.