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The Nets are discounting, and practicing dynamic pricing: $10 for tonight's game, $8 on Wednesday, but $55 for cheap seats against the Pacers

The Brooklyn Nets raised the minimum season ticket price to $25 per game, but they can't fill all the seats--the team's been way down, and now up somewhat.

So they're practicing dynamic pricing, with discount packages and, in some cases, seats as low as $8 and $10, plus service charge. Tonight they're offering a "family 4-pack" for $100, including a food coupon.

However, as the graphic at right suggests, you can actually buy tickets for tonight's game against the Philadelphia 76ers for $10, plus service charge.

Click to enlarge all graphics. The prices are in the bottom right corner of each screenshot.

For the game Wednesday night against the Washington Wizards, another lousy team, tickets actually start at $8. See graphic at left.

By contrast, available seats for next Monday's game against the league-leading Indiana Pacers cost $55, plus service charge. See graphic at right.

Then things get interesting.

The Chicago Bulls are suffering, but they did beat the Nets in the playoffs last season, fostering a rivalry. More importantly, the game's on Christmas Day, and nearly everyone is off.

So tickets for that noon game start at $68. See graphic at left. I wouldn't be surprised to see the price change if the game doesn't sell well.

Two days later, on Friday, December 27, the Nets play the Milwaukee Bucks, another time when potential spectators have a lot of free time. As of now, available tickets start at $75.

Again, I wouldn't be surprised to see those prices change if many seats remain available. See graphic at right.

The fans notice

A few fan comments on NetsDaily show the Nets are discounting, albeit quietly and selectively:
Hey it is expensive to run stuff in New York. The Barclay center had some great events and with the Islanders coming will soon have something going on five or more nights per week. I’m not sure if the Nets being bad is hurting the Barclays center profit as that is a different entity than the Nets (though both are largely owned by Proky). If the Nets do better, they will sell their tickets for much more. (In case you don’t know many of those tickets on Stub Hub are being put their by the team.) But concessions are part of the Center’s profits. So they need both a full house and fans who want to buy a lot of food at the high stadium prices. There you would think that the team’s play would be getting fans to feel they need a drink or six.
by JonCBK on Dec 12, 2013 | 8:28 AM  
A winning team don’t have to darn near give away game tix and actually sell them for market value. Lost count of how many times I’ve been offered discounted tickets this season not a great sign for sales. Hate to say anything about jobs which are hard to come by but they do seem to be a tad overstaffed. Seems like they pay too many performers. All they need is the Cheerleaders, and the kids dancing but do they really need(pay for) all of those pregame and halftime performers? During those times almost no one is in their seats anyway. Just let the DJ spin some records I mean it is Brooklyn…lol
by vlb23 on Dec 12, 2013 | 9:44 AM reply