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Outside Barclays Center, a generator runs overnight, disburbing neighbors' sleep

A noisy generator outside the Barclays Center ran from at least 11 pm Friday, Dec. 6 to 3:15 am Sunday December 8, neighbors report. Such generators are not supposed to operate on the "pad" outside the loading dock.

Neighbors report that oscillating high-pitched whine was particularly disturbing to sleep, and that a visit to the arena security desk--as recommended last week by the arena community affairs manager, who wouldn't provide a phone number--was uninformative and fruitless.

One neighbor wrote on Atlantic Yards Watch: "There is some type of construction machine running around the clock. The nose is constant and the is buzzing our windows. I have been hearing it since 7am this morning and is making my head spin."

Peter Krashes of the Dean Street Block Association commented: "I visited the area yesterday and the noise is coming from a large generator placed on the pad next to the arena. It appears to be similar to the generators used by MTV during the VMAs. It is loud."