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Despite promise to do differently, general admission line to Barclays Center still uses sidewalk on Atlantic going east, then turns on Sixth

In April, general admission patrons for the April Green Day concert formed queues going east of the Atlantic Avenue entrance, clogging a narrow sidewalk, wrapping around to Sixth Avenue, and blocking and endangering ordinary pedestrians.

Arena officials seemed concerned. As I reported 5/8/13, Barclays Center Community Affairs Manager Terence Kelly said at a community meeting that, going forward, people would line up east to west stretching toward the arena plaza.

That's not what happened 5/18/13, as would-be general admission patrons for The Killers began lining up at 7 am, and were again directed west to east, stretching around Sixth Avenue.

And that's not what happened this past Saturday, 9/7/13, when general admission patrons for Fall Out Boy again were directed west to east, stretching around Sixth Avenue and curling into the bike parking lot. Were there actual apartment buildings on those corners, the residents would surely make a stink.

The video was shot at about 5:15 pm. At the end, note the continued violation of state rules that prohibit buses and trucks from idling on the pad adjacent to the arena on Dean Street.

Any explanation?

On 5/28/13, at a meeting of the 78th Precinct Community Council, arena Community Affairs Manager Terence Kelly was asked to respond.

He didn't quite explain. "I did make the statement that I would fix it, and it has been an issue," Kelly said. "We've had a queue outside... What creates a challenge is there's a construction fence at Atlantic and Sixth and on other side there's two retail spaces, MetroPCS and Elbow Room... It does raise a challenge, and we are working with Guest Services to figure out long-term solutions."

I think he was indicating that the retail outlets understandably don't want lines blocking their entrance.

The Dean Street entrance

Also note the steel going up around the Dean Street entrance, presumably part of the "sidewalk bridge" mentioned in the latest construction alert.