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How to fill the NYPD's (alleged) summons quota, easy: crack down on vehicles in streets outside the Barclays Center

From a 3/21/13 New York Times article headlined Stop-and-Frisk Trial Turns to Claim of Arrest Quotas:
In one recording, a man identified by Officer [Adhyl] Polanco as Angel Herran, who was a delegate in the 41st Precinct at the time, could be heard trying to convince officers that it was not unreasonable to be expected to write tickets.

“You have to show something,” he said. “You’re a police officer.”

“You mean to tell me,” he asked, that during a month of work “you haven’t seen any violations on parking, any violation, and any kind of arrest?”
This is head-spinning stuff. If the NYPD truly wants to find violations, they can harvest low-hanging fruit on the streets near the Barclays Center arena around the time of events.

For months, that wasn't a priority for the 78th Precinct, though anecdotal reports suggest they have gotten tougher, for example ticketing two sedans parked in a No Standing zone on 3/21/13. That said, Atlantic Yards Watch provides a regular compendium of incidents.