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Flatbush avenue's Vegetarian Palate to move: arena-goers affected takeout business

From the Brooklyn Paper's Eastbound and up: Prospect Heights businesses are on the move:
“Rent over here is much higher,” said Ronald Wong, the owner of Vegetarian Palate, which will end its 11-year stay on Flatbush Avenue to move to Washington Avenue in early summer as the landlord converts the old building into condos. “It has to do with the Barclays Center. Since it opened, it has affected our dining and business.”

Wong says his brisk takeout business suffered as arena-goers started parking on the block during events and parking enforcement officers increased their vigilance — with no real uptick in orders from stadium attendees.
Well, it sounds like the restaurant would be moving anyway, given the landlord's decision, but it is notable that a restaurant geared to locals would be affected by arena crowds. Some restaurants or bars manage to attract a mixed crowd, but a Chinese vegetarian restaurant is not likely to be among them.


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    Moving closer to me, great!


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