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Arena construction monitor: final completion date extended to April 30, facade issues persist

No they're not quite done yet with the arena. Nor are problems with the facade quite fixed.

According to the latest Site Observation Report by Merritt & Harris, the construction monitor for the arena bond trustee, the final completion date, listed (as it had long been) in the previous reports as 2/28/13, has now been nudged forward to 4/30/13.

Punch list work will occur on non-event days. As the screenshot at right indicates, there are 30 workers doing such punch list work.

The new report, dated 3/8/13, was released yesterday. It's based on a site visit 1/29/13, documents received 2/28/13, and an affidavit 3/8/13.

Facade issues

Despite a promise in the previous report that defective bolts would be replaced by 1/11/13, there are still open issues, as detailed in a 2/18/13 Field Observations Report from 2/18/13, including:
  • missing anchorage details
  • missing hardware
  • incompletely torqued bolts
  • skewed rod installation
It's not clear from the documents how extensive the problems are and what kind of danger they have posed.

Summary of facade issues

Examples of facade issues

A missing fastener

Construction progress: arena

(Here's last month and the previous progress charts.)

Construction progress: transit connection