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On Fox, Nets CEO Yormark calls Brooklyn "fourth-largest market," plays coy on team name

It's always fun to watch Nets Sports and Entertainment CEO Brett Yormark spin, and in an interview April 6 on Fox Business, he did just that.

Notably, he jumped from the statistic that Brooklyn would be the fourth-largest city, by population, to conclude that Brooklyn would be the country's fourth-largest market.

It's not an independent market, nor are markets limited to the boundaries of a city or county. Rather, Brooklyn is part of the large New York market.

Team name

Yormark said he "likes" the team name "Brooklyn Nets" and called it is the "working title."

But he said it's not a done deal, so we should wait for an announcement "in the next month or two."

Surely he knows. As I've previously stated, I suspect they're just withholding confirmation of "Brooklyn Nets" for the publicity value.


The interviewer asked if the new arena would accommodate hockey, such as the New York Islanders, currently playing in the antiquated Nassau Coliseum.

Yormark called it a "a multipurpose venue" and said they were open to many events. "We would love the Islanders to play a couple of games at the Barclays Center," he said, noting that the Long Island Rail Road could directly deliver Islanders fans.

He didn't say that the arena would be too small for NHL-level hockey.

Suite sales

"We've sold 40% of our suites," Yormark declared. "We've got 100 suites, we've sold 40, we're doing well."

Actually, there are 104 suites, so 40% is an overstatement--small, but not uncharacteristic.