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A green arena? Barclays Center pursuing LEED certification, would gain credit for access to public transit, but no demerit for onsite surface parking

According to the latest Site Observation Report by Merritt & Harris, the real estate consultant to the arena PILOT Bond Trustee, dated 3/3/11 and based on a visit 1/31/11, the builders of the Barclays Center are trying to gain LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification:
The arena is pursuing a LEED certification as its guide map to sustainability. Subsequent to our previous review, the project has added 1 additional point that was previously being reviewed to its "likely attainable list" and determined that another point being reviewed would not be sought. Thus, the revised scorecard now includes 34 points that it considers to be likely achievable and 6 other points as possible. Of the possible points, 1 is pending a design decision and the other 5 are pending bidding/construction performance. A Silver rating would require 33 - 38 points, based on LEED NC v2.2, which the project was filed under. It is noted that a gold rating would require between 39 and 51 points, and this is possible if the 34 points being sought are attained and 5 of the 6 potential points are also achieved.

Within the Sustainable Sites (SS) category where 9 points are being sought and 1 is pending performance 1 item has been documented and 8 additional items are in progress including the 1 pending performance which relates to the use of alternate fuel or hybrid shuttle busses being used. It is thought that if this point is applicable it may relate to future off-site parking. The only point not indicated to be in progress relates to typical light gray sidewalks satisfying the requirement for non-roof heat island effect reduction, but the actual construction of the sidewalks is not imminent. Certain credits are inherent in the projects design and location and exemplary performance is anticipated for SS4.1 (alternative transportation - public transportation access).

..For the Innovation in Design (ID) section, 5 credits are still included and are in progress. Exemplary performance credits for access to public transportation, for demonstrating the reduction in personal automobile use by using an online payment system, for reusing storm water for the cooling tower make up and for having a green cleaning program are included. Finally a point is provided for having a LEED accredited professional involved in the project.
(Emphasis added)

Wouldn't a truly green arena have no on-site parking, especially given the much-touted advantage of a major transit hub?

And shouldn't there be LEED points subtracted for having a surface parking lot last not the initially predicted three years, but much longer?