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Ex-FCR exec Stuckey surfaces on Twitter: "Robert Moses had it easy," AY opponents "so boring;" Goldstein reminds Stuckey of his curious departure

So Jim Stuckey, the former Atlantic Yards point man on Atlantic Yards, is tweeting up a storm from his post at the New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate.

His latest Atlantic Yards-related tweet concerned the New York Post's story on Sunday about the Rev. Herbert Daughtry.

This prompted a response from Atlantic Yards uber-opponent Daniel Goldstein (and, similarly, Eric McClure of No Land Grab).

The intimation: there was something a tad curious about Stuckey's 2007 departure.

More from Stuckey

Stuckey appears to an ebullient adopter of the medium.

But he does seem to get on his moral high horse a bit, given, say, the dishonest report by economist Andrew Zimbalist that Forest City dishonestly presented.

Wishing for the Moses era?

And he suggests that, even though firms like AKRF ultimately make environmental reviews bulletproof, it was easier under New York City's master builder.

Nonetheless, there are many places where ULURP will not block the righteous path.


  1. I wonder what Stuckey meant by writing this. Did he mean that opponents are boring for making an issue of Reverend Daughtry getting his own ticket/luxury suite slush fund?

    Is he saying Gary Busio, the reporter, is an opponent and therefore boring?

    Whatever, it is a pretty weird tweet for an adult holding a dean position at NYU.


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