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Senate Democrats spend big bucks on consultants, including Melvin Lowe and BerlinRosen, both with Forest City Ratner ties

A City Hall News article yesterday, headlined Helping Build Senate Democrats’ Debt, $6 Million In Outside Consultants And Vendors, explains that state Senate Democrats spent more than $6 million between consultants and outside vendors.

And two of those recipients have ties to Forest City Ratner and the Community Benefits Agreement.

The Melvin Lowe connection

City Hall reports that "Melvin Lowe has now received $156,000 from the DSCC just in 2010 (and an additional $108,000 paid from Conference Leader John Sampson’s account this year)."

Lowe, as I wrote in July, has lobbied for Forest City Ratner on its Ridge Hill project in Yonkers, apparently previously worked on Atlantic Yards, and worked on Tracy Boyland's unsuccessful 2006 challenge to state Senator Velmanette Montgomery.

The Berlin Rosen connection

Also from the article:
The relationships built over the course of the campaigns could lead to even more benefits for the groups involved next year, since most of the consultants and vendors paid by the DSCC this year also have lobbying operations, including Parkside, the WFP and several of the other highest-paid outside contractors for the Democrats, like BerlinRosen and Red Horse Strategies.
BerlinRosen, which has long represented ACORN, is now working for Forest City Ratner on unspecified outreach efforts, likely including a new Atlantic Yards web site due FCR has promised by the end of the year.

(It has a wide range of advocacy and political clients, though relatively few corporate ones.)

BerlinRosen asserts on its web site:
Our clients come to us with their toughest public policy and political challenges—when their highest priorities, reputations, businesses or careers are on the line.

When the chips are down, we help them win.