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Nets tickets on deep discount via Groupon

It's no surprise that tickets to Nets games can be had for a song; after all, as the Record reported upon the season opener, those looking online could find a "$200 list-price ticket for $50, a $40 ticket for $10, or a $20 ticket for an amazing 47 cents."

Yesterday, Nets tickets went on sale via the Groupon group buying service, offering $100 list price tickets for $35 and $200 tickets for $75. Spectators can choose from five different weekday/Sunday games against the Atlanta Hawks, the Portland Trail Blazers, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Washington Wizards.

The deal "tipped" (reached the minimum) yesterday with 50 bought; now the total is 759. Every little bit must help, from the Nets' perspective, but that's still fewer than 152 tickets per game.

Is the failure to sell more tickets a sign that Newark and environs is unready to support the Nets? That the team isn't compelling? That "sports entertainment" has a rather high cost? I suspect the latter more than anything.

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