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In the latest issue of Marty's promotional Brooklyn!! "newspaper," some Nets cheerleading but no mention of "In the Footprint"

Maybe the best way to analyze Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's promotional "newspaper" Brooklyn!! (latest issue embedded below) is to consider it a giant block association newsletter, with Markowitz as the president of the confederation of block associations.

A year ago, I pointed out (as in the past) that Brooklyn!! avoided any mention of Atlantic Yards. That's not so this issue.

Brooklyn Beat

Nudging up against mention of the Homecrest Senior Health Fair, the Borough President’s Latino Heritage celebration, and the participation of Randazzo’s Clam Bar at the Grand Central Oyster Bar's “Oyster Frenzy" in a page labeled headlined Brooklyn Beat, we learn:
Net’s [sic] new coach Avery “Little General” Johnson (center, back row) met with students of MS 51 in Park Slope to talk about positive choices and let kids know that they can “get to the next level.” He also encouraged his future fan base in Brooklyn to get ready to cheer for future NBA champions, the Brooklyn Nets!
The September visit prompted a dubious photo and caption in the New York Times. (How to "get to the next level"? The story of the Nets and Atlantic Yards offers numerous avenues surely not explored by the coach.)

Notably, Markowitz eschews the opportunity to recommend to fellow Brooklynites that they might learn something by going to see The Civilians' somewhat less rah-rah performance of IN THE FOOTPRINT: The Battle Over Atlantic Yards. Instead, he takes the safe route and recommends The Nutcracker.

A "newspaper"

Brooklyn!!, which the BP's office terms a "newspaper," is, as always, published by the Courier-Life, one of the borough's main weekly newspaper chains.

The Courier-Life, along with the Brooklyn Paper, is now part of Rupert Murdoch's Community Newspaper Group.

It's a nice piece of synergy.

Marty Markowitz's Publication Brooklyn!!! Winter 2010-11


  1. Hey King Marty,
    In your newsletter you encourage ‘the future fan base (rows of little kids) in Brooklyn to get ready to cheer for future NBA champions, the Brooklyn Nets!’ that’s because little kids are only ones naive enough to believe the fairy tale you’re spinning, how cruel. King Marty can’t even say with confidence that Prokhorov will even use Brooklyn in the team name, if Prokhorov is then, why doesn’t he or the team say so. Prokhorov knows that the ‘Long Island Nets’ sounds so much better and will increase their fan base, sorry King Marty no Brooklyn Nets naming.

    NJ Nets players coming to Brooklyn, hum I wonder how many of these losing talentless millionaire players will actually become Brooklyn residents and actually pay income taxes here or enrich the community, I know ZERO! The players will always have to be forced to come to Brooklyn except on game day. So much for ‘our’ team spirit.

    What players will the losing NJ Nets ever bring to the Brooklyn? Talentless LOSERS!! THEY CAN'T give away tickets today, so moving the losing NJ Nets to Brooklyn is not going to change that!! NOT EVER & the losing NJ Nets don’t have the money to change that!! Prokhorov is a smart man and he knows just re-naming the losing NJ Nets by adding Brooklyn to their name isn’t making dumping any additional money into the losing NJ Nets/arena justify the investment because New York City's most populous borough with 2.5+/- million residents doesn't support the losing NJ Nets/arena at all or will ever!! King Marty says, yes they will, so if that’s true then and if FCR has so much support then why does FCR/losing NJ Nets need to spend hundreds of thousands of $$$$$ if not millions for BerlinRosen’s ‘grassroots building’ services? Maybe King Marty should ask BerlinRosen, a ‘grassroots building’ services company for himself. Their web site states “We Look For Tough Fights And We Like To Win.” So again, why do Forrest City Ratner/NJ Nets need BerlinRosen, if the Brooklyn community is so firmly behind the team/arena?

    BerlinRosen (646) 452-5637
    Campaign Consulting, Public Affairs, Strategic Consulting and Creative Services
    We Look For Tough Fights And We Like To Win

    I know why, so King Marty can proclaim such community support, because he says it’s so and King Marty can continue amassing his imagery empire!

    Stop competing with the ‘real’ King Mayor, you can’t ever win and you’ll never be elected the mayor of NYC, you don’t have enough money to buy that like Bloomy has!


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