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Why was the court decision on the Development Agreement so late? It wasn't the petitioners' fault

Oh, snap.

Too Little, Too Late: Atlantic Yards Opponents Finally Win a Court Case, reports the Observer.

Yards foes win a big case that will not likely change a thing, suggests the Brooklyn Paper.

Neither publication bothered to cover the Empire State Development Corporation 's (ESDC) belated, delayed release of the Development Agreement in January, nor the oral arguments in the case in June during which the document was very much at issue.

(Updated and corrected: the Observer didn't cover the oral argument in January, but the Brooklyn Paper did, though I earlier said it didn't.)

Had they bothered to do their job, they and others in press might have recognized that the reason this new decision might be "too late" is because the ESDC didn't play fair, not because those filing suit were delaying things.