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FCR's 80 DeKalb, past marketing claims of LEED certification, and the "track" to LEED

Forest City Ratner's 80 DeKalb rental tower bordering Fort Greene Park is 97% rented, a rental agent tells Brownstoner, occasioning a round of generally positive comments about the building's location and layouts.

Except this one:
I am a resident at 80 Dekalb. There have been some pretty egregious issues of misrepresentation by the sales department here. They, of course, are denying all of it. But we have organized a group of concerned residents (our first meeting had over 120 people in attendance), sent letters, had a meeting with management(Rose Associates) and ownership (Forest City Ratner), and are continuing to press them to follow through on the promises they made during the sales cycle. The promises had a lot to do with this being a "green" building. They are claiming to have LEED Certification in their ads. It is not LEED Certified. And it is anything but energy efficient, despite claims they are making to the contrary. Frustrating stuff, to say the least, particularly because the rents here are really high and the claims of incredibly low electricity bills enticed the majority of that current 97% of tenants to rent here.
Changing the tune on LEED

Actually, these days they're not quite claiming LEED certification, but they sure are hinting it; the graphic on the web site (at upper left) indicates that the building is "designed for LEED certification."

Forest City Enterprises asserts that the building is "on track for LEED Certification with the U.S. Green Building Council."

Last November, a broker told the Brooklyn Daily Eagle it was "targeting LEED certification." However, at the same time, the web site (as noted on AYR) was claiming "LEED certified":

You can actually feel the vibe coming off the streets in Fort Greene. Boutique shops bustling with designer and vintage wares, a world-renowned arts and music scene, upscale wine bars, bustling cafes, artisanal restaurants with a penchant for Greenmarket ingredients, and about half the world's cuisines in the span of a few blocks. But turn a corner and you're on a quiet, tree-lined street with classic Brooklyn brownstones, or lush and hilly Fort Greene Park...

At the heart of it all is DKLB BKLN, a high-rise rental offering the very best in amenities and conveniences. Plus, it's LEED certified, making eco-living as easy as walking in your door. Distance-wise, it's one subway stop from Manhattan, but attitude-wise, it's world away.


  1. The tenants should have read this blog earlier: everything that Ratner and his company have done so far has a "bait and switch"


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