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Public Advocate de Blasio criticizes Bertha Lewis's comments about Daniel Goldstein (not)

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who issues a stream of public statements and comments on issues local and national, failed to say anything about the Atlantic Yards arena groundbreaking last month. And this is what he didn't say about his longtime ally Bertha Lewis of ACORN.

I based my support for Atlantic Yards after talking consistently with people who I believe are good advisors on affordable housing. I count Bertha Lewis of ACORN among them. In my inaugural speech, I said that "our future will be based on the quintessentially New York ideals of tolerance and compassion."

So I part company with Ms. Lewis when, in the name of affordable housing, she uses nasty, over-the-top, and irrational rhetoric to denounce a political opponent, Daniel Goldstein.

As I've said before, corporate political spending is a scourge on this country and Mr. Goldstein, as much as anyone, has pointed to the danger of corporate spending regarding development projects.

In my inaugural speech, I said "our future will be determined by the quality of our democracy." If nothing else, Atlantic Yards represents a deficit of democracy, as the City Council, a body of which I was a member, had no role, as Mr. Goldstein has reminded us.

Ms. Lewis, whose ideals I share, knows we can all do better.


  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    In Brooklyn, you can find de Blasio's name emblazoned on ...
    corner garbage cans.

    I kid you not.


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