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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Justice Gerges visits the footprint to look at AY site properties (and encounters an eviction unrelated to the case before him)

Supreme Court Justice Abraham Gerges took a walk this morning around the Atlantic Yards footprint, visiting the properties that face condemnation, a requirement in any such case.

It was scheduled before a hearing was set April 21 in Kings County Supreme Court regarding timing issues. The Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) will argue that Gerges should require occupants to vacate their properties no later than May 17; lawyers for the condemnees will resist that as premature.

Presumably the visit will help Gerges assess valuation issues as well as the legitimacy of the ESDC's argument for urgency in the process.

Below, Gerges (the taller man) walks south along Vanderbilt Avenue, with ESDC lawyer Charles Webb at left.

(Photos and set by Tracy Collins; click to enlarge)

A different eviction

Collins went to Pacific Street and Carlton Ave this morning to shoot an eviction--not the eviction of property owners and tenants in the Atlantic Yards footprint that Gerges would oversee, which likely will happen in a few months, but the evictions of subtenants in building at 752 Pacific Street owned by Henry Weinstein (whose control of the property likely will be short-lived).

(Here's more detail on that case, which was not overseen by Gerges.)

Collins was able to document Gerges's visit to Weinstein's building, which is slated to be demolished for interim surface parking. Below is Gerges with Weinstein.

Gerges walks west along Pacific Street, away from Weinstein's building.