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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Deposition in lawsuit says Markowitz was upset about Brooklyn Paper's (former) Atlantic Yards coverage

The Brooklyn Paper's story about Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, headlined Suit: Marty ran the Beep’s office like a frat-house, also appears in the Courier-Life. (Remember, the papers as of March 2010 are sharing more content, with Gersh Kuntzman in charge of both chains.)

The article concludes:
But one final detail hints at the rampant machismo at Borough Hall. Markowitz’s testosterone-fueled staff was so full of bluster that it even had lengthy internal discussions on how best to pick a fight with The Brooklyn Paper because the Beep had become irked with the paper’s hard-hitting, award-winning coverage of the Atlantic Yards project.

“At a staff level [there were] numerous discussion about how they [The Brooklyn Paper] were going about their … unfair and unbalanced coverage of Atlantic Yards,” Atkins said, adding that the staff discussed cutting off The Paper from the borough president’s regular press releases.

“I was not sure if it was ever agreed upon,” he said. “I certainly wished it.”

Brooklyn Paper Editor Gersh Kuntzman declined to comment.
Well, that would've been a petty and imprudent solution by the BP's office, since the Brooklyn Paper, even when it was offering tough coverage of Atlantic Yards, was covering Markowitz.

And, though you wouldn't see acknowledgment of it in the article, the Brooklyn Paper's coverage of Atlantic Yards has fallen off considerably.

After all, where was that Brooklyn Paper article on the Development Agreement that gives Forest City Ratner 25 years to build Atlantic Yards? Instead, we got a puff piece on the Rev. Herbert Daughtry's meditation room.


  1. I really don't understand why its news that Marty was upset with Gersh and his coverage of Atlantic Yards. there is an interview tape between Marty and Gersh that I believe was published at the time on this website that had Marty telling Gersh directly that Marty felt the coverage was unfair.You can disagree with Marty but the fact that he felt the coverage was one sided was something he never hid from anyone.


    here it is from 2006


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