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Brutally weird City Room post suggests neighborhoods with development fights as potential homes for Goldstein

A notably trivial post on the New York Times's City Room blog, headlined For Developers’ Foe, Suggestions for the Next Battleground, whimsically suggests that Atlantic Yards opponent Daniel Goldstein might want to move into a development fight elsewhere, such as Manhattanville; New London, CT; and New York University.

The post is so sloppy that, regarding Willets Point, Queens, it claims that "[t]he city headed off an eminent-domain squabble." It hasn't, as a glance at the Willets Point United site would show.

My comment, not yet approved, as at right.


  1. i posted a similar comment that was also not approved. wierd

  2. Anonymous11:10 AM

    My comment was printed:

    What a stupid, shallow, sophomoric piece of crap. If the Times can’t be honest and vigorous in its real estate reporting, why not just print more stories on the best pizza, the newest fashion color, or the latest vacation craze.
    Anonymous to boot! Cowards!


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