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New York Post: investigation needed of Markowitz

In the wake of revelations that developer Bruce Ratner and associates, as well as agencies of the Bloomberg administration have given big bucks to charities run by Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, and that Markowitz has directed no-bid contracts one dollar under the threshold for bidding, the BP says, "These groups comply with all regulations."

The New York Post, which has broken several of the stories, thinks that's not enough, opining in an editorial today:
Given the tawdriness exposed in the City Council "member item" scandal, a third party needs to look at the books of Marty Markowitz and his nonprofits.

Considering that the Department of Investigations is a city agency - and reports to the mayor - that creates a conflict of interest.

Thus the logical person to take up the task would be Brooklyn DA Joel Hynes.

The sooner, the better.

It may look like Markowitz is fostering his reelection effort through contributions outside the campaign system. While that may not seem ethical, as watchdogs like Citizens Union head Dick Dadey have commented, it may not be a violation.