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Lupica: Commissioner Stern is watching

From Daily News sports columnist Mike Lupica today:
Commissioner Stern must be pretty proud of the way things are working out for the Nets, geography-wise, and attendance-wise, the whole ball of wax.

And team-less Seattle, as noted on NetsDaily, may see Key Arena get renovated.

The IRS decision this week on tax-exempt bonds was very good news, from the perspective of Atlantic Yards backers. The deadline for Barclays Capital to renew and possibly renegotiate the naming-rights deal for the Barclays Center is less good news.

And the tanking stock price, and lowering of Forest City Enterprises' credit rating makes it more difficult, though not impossible, for the developer to wait patiently on Atlantic Yards.

Does anyone think that, even if the Brooklyn arena gets built, the Nets will spend four full seasons at the Izod Center in the Meadowlands?

Update: Mitch Lawrence of the Daily News (right) doesn't think the arena will be built at all. I'm not so sure.