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If Ratner was trying to sell the Nets, what might that mean?

If New Jersey Nets principal owner Bruce Ratner, along with Forest City Enterprises, was trying to sell the team within the past year (but not walk away from plans to build the Atlantic Yards arena) as the Daily News reports today, what might that mean?

1) Ratner, who had previously sought additional investors to spread the losses, instead was willing to sell completely. It's just not the right time to sell a team.

2) Ratner may have been willing to sell the team at a loss compared to what he paid, just to stop the annual losses.

3) Ratner knows his core business is not sports, but real estate development.

4) If the goal now is to staunch the annual losses without selling the team, a temporary move to Newark has to be considered, despite the inter-county conflict in New Jersey.

5) What next?