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From absurdism to farce: the community forums conclude with "What for?"

This week AYR will look back at the 8/23/06 hearing on the Atlantic Yards Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), drawing on the official transcript.

Yesterday I wrote how the August 23 hearing at times resembled an absurdist work by Samuel Beckett. But the end of the September 18 community forum devolved into a moment of pure farce, in which a not very well-informed young woman questioned the premise of the hearing and got back a wearily sardonic rebuttal from an audience member.

MS. TAMEKA BROWN: Hi. My name is Tameka Brown. And I represent PPEE [People for Political and Economic Empowerment]. And I'm for the project.

As a single mother -- I am also in the construction business. Just like these men out here that's wanting jobs and low income housing, I also want that too, for me and my daughter to provide a better life for me and her.

On that point, with y'all coming up here and saying all that stuff about the environment and all the rest of the stuff, what for? Why?

MR. TIMOTHY LOGAN, Sierra Club: Because it's an Environmental Impact hearing.

MS. TAMEKA BROWN: What for? What for?

THE PRESIDING OFFICER: Sir, let her finish.

MS. TAMEKA BROWN: What for? The environment's already messed up. There's a hole in the atmosphere, what's up? I mean, come on, let's be real.