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So when exactly was that Contract Scope for an EIS prepared?

I've posted (via my previous article) the 35-page Contract Scope for an Environmental Impact Statement that I cited on Friday as promising more analysis of blight than was ultimately produced by consultant AKRF.

The document was part of a package of documents the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC)) described, in response to my Freedom of Information Law request, "the contract between AKRF and ESDC for services pertaining to the Atlantic Yards project."

The ESDC voted on 9/29/05 to authorize the contract. It was signed by representatives of AKRF on 1/12/06 and ESDC 1/24/06.

The Contract Scope is undated, but its second page states that "a final draft EAF [Environmental Assessment Form] was submitted to ESDC on September 16," which suggests that the document was in front of the ESDC when the agency's board voted that month.

It sure would've been interesting to have had it earlier.