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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Neil deMause interviews collected

On May 28, I conducted an interviewed, excerpted in eight parts, with Neil deMause, the Brooklyn-based co-author of the book Field of Schemes: How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money Into Private Profit, and writer of the companion web site.

7/1/08: Author deMause on tax-exempt bonds, PILOTs, & TIFs

7/2/08: So, why aren't naming rights counted as sports facility subsidies?

7/16/08: Author deMause on Zimbalist: "a lot of people don't take him as seriously"

7/18/08: National ACORN's (episode of) scandal, and NY ACORN's dubious Brooklyn stadium deal (in 2000)

8/1/08: The Brooklyn Ratners or the Ratner Nets? What if team names in the U.S. were more like those in Japan?

8/7/08: "So many different angles": deMause puts the AY opposition in context

8/19/08: If Barclays Center gets built, how long before it's obsolete?

8/22/08: The lesson of Field of Schemes: political reform needed