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Was that FCE's Chuck Ratner at the "Brooklyn Day" rally?

Though Forest City Ratner head Bruce Ratner was nowhere in evidence at the "Brooklyn Day" rally at Borough Hall yesterday, his cousin Chuck Ratner--or someone who looks very much like him--was in attendance. Chuck Ratner is the president and CEO of Cleveland-based Forest City Enterprises (FCE), parent of Forest City Ratner.

He's notable for saying that "we still need more" subsidies and offering dubious promises about the AY timetable. Was he in Brooklyn to lobby local officials, to take the measure of AY supporters and opponents, or simply to absorb the spirit of a "fun day,"? In the photo, at least, he looks pensive.

Adrian Kinloch snapped the main photo (color version here). The head shot at left is from Ratner's bio page. The head shot at right is from here. The photo below, of Chuck Ratner (I assume) and State Sen. Carl Kruger, was taken by Jonathan Barkey. Maybe a little lobbying was going on. Kruger is a recipient of campaign funds from Bruce Ratner's brother Michael and Michael's wife Karen Ranucci.